WooCommerce PayPal Payments Gateway Not Showing on Checkout

Man, this was frustrating and turned into a big LOL for me…

It turns out that PayPal doesn’t yet support the current WooCommerce Checkout block.

It’s easy to setup PayPal on your website. You can simply follow the WooCommerce PayPal Payments setup guide, then just enable it and you’re good to go.

But that wasn’t the case with the most recent store I setup. No matter what I did, including sandbox testing, I just couldn’t figure out why the PayPal payment option just wouldn’t show up on my checkout page!

Despite my best searching for reasons the PayPal payment option wasn’t showing up, I netted zero helpful results. Mostly, I found results about plugin conflictions and incorrect information being used to connect the PayPal to WooCommerce.

An obvious troubleshooting step is to try to remove and reconnect your PayPal account to make sure your information is correct. (Again, see the guide linked above).

But I took the default setup for granted and didn’t realize that the WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin doesn’t support the block.

So, you can stop scratching your head because the solution is to either convert the new block to the Classic Checkout, or create a new Checkout page and just use the shortcode [woocommerce_checkout].

This should load your PayPal payment option.

Love ya!