Hello World

I’m Chris Bolseng, from Edmonton, AB. 

I have been running a marketing agency with my spouse (Sarah) for about 5 years. We create content for other people but I still don’t know what to write about myself.

To date we have helped over 100 local businesses create either a brand or a website, or  establish themselves on Google or social media, sometimes all of the above. We are fortunate to still work with a few of our day ones as we meet new faces and take on new projects all the time.

I am a mostly self-taught designer with an affinity for web design. I took an Illustrator course at the University of Alberta once upon a time, but most of what I know came from doing it. 

There was a time when I found web design intimidating and I chickened out from building my own site (LOL). But I love learning about marketing and design, and I’m not so afraid of things (website stuff) breaking anymore.

So, call it the School of hard knocks or the University of Life, but I’ll be a student there for years to come.